Celemi releases free iPad version of the popular Celemi Profit Simulator™

The learning design consultancy Celemi has completed a major update to the Celemi Profit Simulator™, designed to help companies find business improvement opportunities. The simulator is available, for free, in AppStore for iPads and on the web. In addition to new features for the Manufacturing, Professional Services and Retail industries, the new version also features a Sales focus.

The simulator is designed to let companies explore business potentials and their effect on profit and cash flow, by simulating various scenarios. Companies can experiment with their real numbers, without ruining their business. What is the impact on the bottom line of a 5% decrease in costs? Or 2% increase in sales? Or both? The simulator is designed for managers on all levels, to explore whether or not small changes really have a great impact on the bottom line. Built-in data, or the company’s own financial data may be used. 

We often find that knowing what you want to achieve is one thing, but knowing which levers to pull is quite another…“It worries me that so many important business decisions in the corporate world seem to be based on the wrong assumptions. It is as if some people, even on senior level, fail to see even the most direct and obvious consequences of their decisions,” says Klas Mellander, Celemi Founder and Chief Consultant, and continues: “This is where Celemi Profit Simulator can make a differences, as it helps to make the big picture visible.”

The original 2005 version was developed based on client work Celemi did for BP and IKEA. Since then, the generic version is used by clients such as Airbus, BASF, Hilti, Novartis, and Siemens. “The Celemi Profit Simulator™ is a fantastic tool to discover the impact of business decisions on profit and cash flow. The tool shows how even small changes in key business levers can have a tremendous impact on the bottom line result, far beyond what most people might think. The graph is eye-opening and the picture stays in your mind and reminds you to think twice before you make your next decision. And the beauty is, by using the simulation you can check the impact before you put your decision into action,” says Eivind Slaaen, Head of People & Culture, Hilti Corporation.

The Celemi Profit Simulator is available on http://celemi.com/celemi-profit-simulator/ and in AppStore https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/celemiab-systems-ab/id640549397.

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