A story

During their field trip an English family also visited a lovely house owned by a Protestant pastor. Visitors found it especially suitable for holidays in the coming summer period.
When they return home, they remember that they did not visit the hygienic premises. So, they write the following letter to the pastor:

“Dear Mr. Pastor, we are a family from a few days ago who signed a contract with you to rent a holiday home, but we did not visit the WC. Be so kind and let us know more. Best regards.

When the pastor read the letter after receiving it, he misunderstood the meaning of the acronym WC. He thought it was a small Anglican chapel called the West Cross and wrote the following answer:

“Dear Sir, I was very pleased with your letter. It is my pleasure to inform you that the place you mention in the letter is located 12 kilometres from the cottage, which is very inconvenient, especially for those who are accustomed to visiting it frequently. Anyone who is accustomed to staying longer should bring some food with them so that they can stay all day. The place is reachable on foot, by bike or by car. It is advisable to go on the road in time so as not to stay outside and disturb others. Inside, there is room for 30 people sitting and another 100 standing. The children sit near the adults and everyone sings in the choir. Paper is distributed on arrival, and those who miss it can use a neighbour’s paper. The leaves should also be used several times, for at least one month. The room is equipped with amplifiers for sounds that can also be heard outside. Everything we collect, we give to the poor. In addition, there are specialized photographers who photograph in the most unexpected poses so that everyone can see themselves in such a humane act.
With expressions of respect.”